This web site is output from the Laravel PHP Framework. It's one of several hundred sites covering UK local area code sites, each running from the same Laravel codebase in a multi domain setup.

Laravel is running on PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.5, with Apache 2 web server. Server OS is currently CentOS 6.5

Most of the geo data manipulation was done using a Postgresql database with PostGIS 2 extensions, and visualised with QGis geospatial information system.

The perimeter of the point set was calculated using a concave polygon algorithm, then the map tiles were rendered using ImageMagick run from a PHP command line script. Tiles are on a 256 pixel grid, and have been calculated to range of map zooms, resulting in up to 10,000 tiles for each UK areacode.

All development work is done on my OS of choice: Fedora Linux.

For further details, or to hire me to work on your project please make contact via the contact page.